Best and worst snacks to bring on a charter bus trip

If you’re planning a charter bus trip for your company, you want it to be perfect. You want clients to be impressed, management to be happy, and everyone to have a fantastic time. That means no one needs to go hungry and having the appropriate snacks prepped and ready to go.

Whether you’re trying to tide passengers over until the nightly meal or provide a boost of sustenance during a long tour, the right snack can improve the long bus trip and the entire occasion. We’ve rounded up eight of the best and worst snacks to bring on your bus trip.

Charter Bus Trip Snack Ideas: CheeseBest Snacks:  Cheese and Meat

You want your party energized during its charter bus trip. Nothing is more energizing than meat and cheese, which offer the perfect blend of protein, calcium, and fat to keep riders content. Go simple with prepackaged meat and cheese sticks available at any grocery store. You can even get a little fancier with prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella bites.

Charter Bus Trip Snack Ideas: NutsWorst Snacks:  Nuts

Nut allergies can be lethal! While most people who suffer from nut allergies will let their event planner know, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Nuts provide a great source of protein and fat, but on the confines of a charter bus, they’re better left at home.

Charter Bus Trip Snack Ideas: Box LunchBest:  Boxed Lunches

If you plan on spending more than three hours on your bus trip, a boxed lunch is a great way to keep travelers satiated. Keep it simple with a prepared sandwich, chips, and a small dessert such as an apple. This will get riders through the lunch hour, but won’t fill everyone up to the point of sleepiness.

Charter Bus Trip Snack Ideas: SaladWorst:  Salads

While salads are a healthy choice, they don’t make the grade when it comes to bus trips. Between watching the sights and taking sharp corners, anything that requires a fork and knife isn’t ideal for a charter bus trip. If you have riders that prefer a more health-conscious lunch, go with low-carb wraps or lettuce-wrapped sandwiches, or offer refreshing Vietnamese spring rolls.

Charter Bus Trip Snack Ideas: ChipsBest:  Kettle Chips

During a long trip, it’s natural to want a snack. Something salty and crispy is the perfect accompaniment to new sights. Kettle-cooked potato chips not only keep hands clean, they’re hardy enough to withstand the packing and moving of a charter bus trip.

Charter Bus Trip Snack Ideas: CheetosWorst:  Cheddar Chips or Cheetos

While they may be delicious, the fine dusting of cheese powder that Cheetos and other cheddar snacks leave behind can be a pain. During a charter bus trip, sinks are not readily available. Unless passengers are willing to turn their pants orange, it may be best to leave these at home.

Charter Bus Trip Snack Ideas: WaterBest Beverage:  Water

The inside of a tour bus is great for seeing the sights, but not so great for keeping you hydrated. Traveling in a low-humidity space can cause dehydration, which contributes to feeling tired, cranky, and nauseous. Keeping everyone hydrated is essential to keeping them healthy for the entire trip. Keep the water flowing by providing bottled water and offering frequent stops.

Charter Bus Trip Snack Ideas: CaffeineWorst:  Caffeinated Beverages

Many rely on coffee, tea, and sodas for hydration, but those just wring more water out of your body, rather than putting it back in. While the occasional sugary drink may be okay for the trip, it’s best to limit caffeinated drinks during trips.