Destination Wedding Charter Bus Rentals: 5 Reasons to Hop on The Bus!

In planning your destination wedding, you might overlook transportation while making other decisions. When it’s time to consider how your wedding party and guests will get to your ceremony and reception, a charter bus can help! Take a look at these five reasons to rent charter bus services for your destination wedding.

Wedding Charter Bus Rentals

1. It’s one less thing for the couple to think about.

With so many decisions to be made before the big day and a timeline for everything from the ceremony to the reception, transportation is the last thing that should be on the bride and groom’s minds. When you rent charter bus services for a wedding, there’s one less thing to worry about. We’ll stick to the timeline and arrange an easy pickup and drop-off.

2. Ensure that guests are safe after the reception.

A wedding reception is a great opportunity to let loose and have some fun with friends and family. Receptions often include alcohol, leaving guests in need of a designated driver to get safely back to their hotel. Renting a charter bus service with drivers who handle the task of getting guests home means that everyone will arrive safe and sound.

3. Avoid confusing directions and lost guests.

Planning a destination wedding is a great way to celebrate in your favorite location, or in an area that’s new to everyone. However, the new location means that some guests are likely to get lost on unfamiliar roads. Skip the Google-mapping and last-minute phone calls from guests who can’t find the reception area. Rent a charter bus to make it a stress-free day for everyone involved. Your friends and family will thank you.

4. Solve the parking dilemma.

At destination weddings, parking can quickly become an issue. When your dream venue just doesn’t have the space to accommodate all of your guests, a charter bus is the solution. When all of your guests arrive and depart together, you’ll also be able to guarantee that your wedding-day itinerary will stay on schedule.

5. Start the party early and keep it going.

The wedding day will be hectic, and the bride and groom often won’t have time to spend with every guest. Rent charter bus services to turn travel time into part of the event. Many guests will have spent a lot of time to travel to a destination wedding. Treat them to a ride to and from your wedding location to enjoy some extra social time.

Take the stress out of your wedding day by arranging transportation with Louisiana Motor Coach. For more information and to reserve a coach for you and your guests, contact us today.