3 Reasons to use an employee charter bus

Corporate events tend to involve a ton of planning and a healthy budget. If you’re looking for quality, convenient transportation, then using an employee charter bus is the way to go.

You’ve chosen the right venue and meticulously planned the day from beginning to end. Now it’s time to make sure your transportation logistics are in place.

A charter bus can solve many transportation issues when it comes to employee events. Here are our top three :

  • On-Time Arrival.

    No matter what type of function you have planned, staying on schedule is an important part of the process. When employees drive their own vehicles, any number of delays can occur, each of which can affect the outcome of the event once everyone finally arrives. However, when you hire a charter bus, all of your employees will arrive on time, at the same time. This means you can adhere to your event schedule. This way, no one arrives flustered from traffic, accidents, or other irritants. Even the most excited employee can easily become deflated after getting trapped by red lights, stuck in traffic, or separated from the crowd.

  • Ability to Build Excitement and Give Event Recap.

    As you’re going to this team event, take the time to build your employees’ commitment to the cause. When you have everyone in a single place on a charter bus, you can use the transit time to make sure everyone’s on the same page. This gives you the ability to go over expectations for the upcoming event, and answer any questions your employees might have.On your way back to the office, your charter bus can serve as a forum, allowing you to solicit comments and feedback to improve future events, and follow up on any concerns.

  • Comfort in Transit.

    No matter how away far your event is, you want your employees to be comfortable. Today’s charter buses are built for comfort and productivity. You can choose vehicles that have electrical outlets, restrooms, audio/visual capabilities, and more. Reclining, cushioned seats are virtually standard nowadays, so no matter how far you’re going, make sure your vehicle enhances your voyage.

Would you like to know how an employee charter bus can fit into your events budget? Request a quote from our team at Louisiana Motor Coach today.