• Mary Sanders


    Mary has over 20 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. She began her career in travel as a receptionist at a travel agency. Given her life experiences, as well as a previous career as an Executive Assistant at a major supermarket chain in New Jersey, it’s no surprise that she quickly earned […]

  • Louis B. Sanders

    Vice President, General Manager

    Louis’ career began in something completely different than the motor coach industry. Growing up, he spent many years in the grocery business. From a cashier, to a stock clerk, to a journeyman butcher, to department manager; working for a major chain in the Northeast gave him a solid foundation on which to build his future […]

  • Caitlin Sanders Schultz

    Senior Sales Manager / Accounts Payable

    As the daughter of Louis and Mary Sanders, Caitlin has grown up around the motor coach industry. Since the start of her career, Caitlin’s duties have been primarily as Executive Assistant and bookkeeper. Her love for family and friends shows in the way she greets and speaks to every client. A vital part of Louisiana […]