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What to Bring on a Long Bus Trip

What to Bring on a Long Bus Trip


Taking a long bus trip?

You’ve probably packed a bag full of clothes (which you can layer, so you’re prepared no matter the weather); necessities like your toothbrush, contact lenses, and power cords; and a few things to keep you occupied when the scenery gets boring. Still have that nagging feeling you forgot something? Take a look at our long bus trip list to make sure you grabbed everything.

But if you want to kick your long-haul experience up a notch, you might be forgetting a few items!

We’ve gathered a few long bus ride necessities after years of taking passengers where they want to go.

It might not surprise you to see that these are mostly personal care items. After all, what’s more important than feeling comfortable?


  • Sunscreen. The sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays still affect your skin through the windows. Make sure to wear an SPF of at least 30 if you’re riding during the day, and reapply every two hours as your skin absorbs it.
  • Hand Sanitizer. Louisiana Motor Coach vehicles are immaculately clean. Unfortunately, the same isn’t true for other charter bus companies. No matter how much you keep your hands to yourself, you’ll want a quick way to clean up when it’s time to eat.

  • Earplugs. Most people remember to bring headphones on their long bus trip, but sometimes you need silence—especially when you’re trying to sleep. Throw a pair of disposable earplugs in your bag, and you’ll have an alternative to bus chatter if you get tired of listening to music or podcasts.
  • Travel Poncho. Sure, you’ll mostly be inside the bus. But if you run into inclement weather before you make a stop (to stretch your legs, mind you; Louisiana Motor Coaches have restrooms inside!), you won’t get wet on the way out. Wet clothes + bus AC = shivery fun for no one.
  • Stain Stick. Even the most careful snackers sometimes spill. If you plan to look as fresh getting off the bus as you did getting on, a stain stick can be a handy and inexpensive insurance plan.

When we polled our riders, they mentioned pocket tissue packs and sweatshirts as two other travel items they can’t go without.

Looking for more suggestions? Check out Travel Fashion Girl for more recommendations.

Next time you hop on board, make sure you’ve got everything you need to be comfortable.