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Spice Up Your Life: A Louisiana Food Tour

Welcome to the list that will have you saying if it’s not Cajun, we don’t want it. We're taking you around the swamp, aka Louisiana. If you know anything about the Bayou state, it should be that food and flavor are a way for us to call…
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Covington Charter Bus: A Guide for Covington, Louisiana

Most people assume the elite of New Orleans would “live” in New Orleans; however, when it comes to settling down, the city can be a bit much. So where do people go to have the New Orleans feel without the chaos of the Big Easy? Covington,…
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St. Francisville Charter Bus: The Small Town with a Big Personality

Saint Francisville is the kind of quaint town that's full of southern charm and historic value. The town sits comfortably on a ridge which gave it the nickname “the town two miles long and two yards wide”. Originally, this territory belonged…
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Bossier City Charter Bus Stops: Must-Visit Spots & Stops

Bossier City, formally known as Bennett's Bluff, has a bit of an interesting backstory. The city was originally named after William Bennett who shared a plantation with his wife and business partner. As fate would have it, when Bennett passed,…

Monroe Charter Bus: When Visiting in Monroe, You’re Good To Go

Located along the Ouachita River Monroe, Louisiana is the main distribution space for farmers in the area. This place is more than just a spot for farmers though, it was home to the very first Coca-Cola bottling plant and has several unique…
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Cajun Country Travel: If It Ain’t Cajun We Don’t Want It

Louisiana is loosely referred to as Cajun country, in case you are new here you might be wondering what does that mean? Cajuns are mostly in reference to the Acadians who came to Louisiana during the Le Grand Dérangement. Today, Cajun is used…