It’s a New Orleans wedding, we’re going to the chapel, and we’re gonna get married! Ok, maybe not us, but you are! First off, from us to you, congratulations! If you’re familiar with mood boards, you might have made a Pinterest or two of what your dream venue might consist of. And if you’ve chosen to lodge in New Orleans for your wedding day, because, let’s face it, it’s got as much soul as B.B. King, you’ve made an excellent choice. But wait, these Pinterest weddings are in rural areas with lush forestry and barns. Not to worry, we have a list of venues just outside of New Orleans for that rustic escape from the lively Big Easy.

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Wedding Venues Near New Orleans

Our curated list of wedding venues near New Orleans

Wedding Venues in Albany, LA

Starting in Albany the town is about an hour outside of New Orleans and will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale land. Needless to say, this town has a few venues to choose from, all barn-like beauties.

Cedar Post Barn LLC

Starting with this lavish barn, at Cedar Post Barn you have options on where to wed: they have a newly built chapel on the grounds, a deck facing the pond, or inside the rustic barn. Let’s be real here, if this is the venue you’re choosing, you’re probably in it for the barn, which seats 275 guests. The accommodations are everything you need for your special day: a built-in bar area, air conditioning, heat, and of course, well-lit dressing rooms for the bride and the groom. There’s even a TV just in case you want to present a fun slideshow of you and that special someone. This is an excellent option for barn weddings.

The Barn at the Farms

This venue is so barn-like that it’s in the name. At Barn at the Farms, you have carefully placed barrels and tapestry with the adorable combo of rustic charm. While getting married here, you can expect 6000 square feet of open space, 200 chairs to seat your guests, and a gorgeous bridal house that can be used for an overnight with the ladies or even the honeymoon. For barn number two, this baby has you covered.

The Barn at Pearl River

The Barn at Pearl River has a bit of history, and it’s one that’s geared towards weddings. The barn itself was built for a wedding back in 2014, made entirely of repurposed wood. This venue is now used for events of all kinds but is particularly dreamy for weddings. This venue is hoping your party is big because the barn can hold up to 300 people. At The Barn at Pearl River, they keep your rehearsal in mind with their wedding package, and not to worry, they also have dressing rooms for the day of. Lastly, they’re holding a bridal show in October just to help you test the waters.

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Wedding Venues in Marrero, LA

Last on our list of Barn-Style options is a venue in Marrero Parish. Marrero is even closer to New Orleans than Albany yet still has its escapism feel.

Bayou Barn

The Bayou Barn is one big Cajun party. This is the spot you want to book if you’re looking to have a real good time. They’ve got the classic checkered picnic tables adorably placed along the grounds, and yes, there’s even a bayou. As far as what to expect when having your special moment there, they have both indoor and outdoor options. Their barn can fit 228 of your favorite people, and a pavilion can accommodate 100 more. This venue is also great because it’s a one-stop shop – they do the catering, the bar, the floral arrangements, the entertainers, and wedding signage, and they even provide you with a wedding planner! This location’s a doozy.

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Wedding Venues in Franklinton, LA

We now bring you to Franklinton, LA, just over an hour away but a nice contrast to New Orleans with it being 155 ft above sea level. What venue are we trekking you out here for?

The Louisiana Castle

This venue is for all the people who dreamed of being a princess one day because, in The Louisiana Castle, you get to be one. We know what you’re thinking – how did there get to be a castle in Louisiana? Well, it was all thanks to a woman’s love of the film “The War Lord.” Dr. M.A. Belcher RPT, Ph.D., built this house with her heart and soul and truly believed there’s a little princess in all of us. That’s all dreamy, but what can you expect while at a wedding there? Let’s start with the romantic Juliet Suite, named after the most romantic tragedy of all time; it’s the perfect place to get dolled up while awaiting your Romeo. As for how many people this bad boy can hold, it’s by far the largest, holding around 350 people. What’s more, this castle has a “Castle Couple of the Year”! It could be you – just share your romantic story and be deemed queen and king of the couples. This venue will have you yelling “Let them eat cake” by the end of the night.

Chartering A Bus for A Louisiana Wedding

Now that we’ve listed all the incredible venues around New Orleans, you might be pulling your hair, wondering how the heck will I get from New Orleans to these places? Not only can we be your transportation, but we’re certain to bring the most ease and comfort for the most important day of your life.