Jefferson Parish Charter Bus

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Welcome to Jefferson Parish, the charming next door neighbor to New Orleans. Nestled just west of New Orleans, Jefferson Parish is celebrated for its beautiful parks, bustling shopping districts, and an impressive array of dining options that reflect the area’s culinary heritage. For those planning a family trip to Louisiana and seeking an authentic southern Louisiana experience without the hustle and bustle of the downtown New Orleans’s bar scene, Jefferson Parish is the perfect choice. Explore a unique blend of southern Louisiana culture, scenic beauty of the bayou, and lively entertainment of the region with our Jefferson Parish charter bus. With its welcoming community, rich history, and myriad of attractions, our Jefferson Parish charter buses promise a memorable visit in Jefferson Parish for visitors.

Jefferson Parish Charter Bus Stops

Lafitte’s Wetland Trace

Enjoy the wildlife and the beautiful bayou’s scenery as our Jefferson Parish charter bus brings you to the Lafitte’s Wetland trace. Here, visitors can take a stroll on the boardwalk trail that goes through a cypress swamp. The Wetland Trace is a part of a 41-acre nature preserve, the mysterious terrain is home to swamp wildlife. The trails here feature covered pavilions, benches, and scenic overlooks, providing perfect spots to relax and soak in the charming view of the bayou. The boardwalk offers visitors fantastic access to a vibrant array of wildlife, including alligators, snakes, turtles, and birds. As visitors walk toward the end of the boardwalk, they will discover a hidden egret rookery nestled high in the swaying cypress moss—a true haven for birdwatching. Lafitte’s Wetland Trace is also the home to Louisiana’s native flora, such as the stunning Louisiana Iris, water lilies, and orchids, making it a paradise for plant lovers and swamp enthusiasts.

Barataria Preserve

Arrive at Barataria Preserve on our Jefferson Parish charter bus for the captivating region’s authentic sightseeings and ecological significance that preserve brings to locals and visitors. The Barataria Preserve encompasses over 26,000 acres of hardwood forests, swamps, bayous, and marshes. This natural haven offers visitors a chance to explore scenic trails, enjoy picnic areas, fish, and observe diverse wildlife. Visitors can stroll along boardwalks and dirt trails to spot alligators, over 200 bird species, and a vibrant array of wildflowers and plants. The visitor center features films and exhibits detailing the wetlands habitat and the environmental challenges they face, while daily ranger programs and special educational sessions are available by reservation. The exhibits highlight the important role of the Mississippi River in shaping Louisiana’s wetlands as well as the deep connection between the land and its people. The park store offers a variety of items, including books, music, children’s books, insect repellent, and field guides. Barataria Preserve offers free admission to the preserve and most programs and self-guided tours. Pets are welcome in parking areas and on the visitor center deck, but please keep an eye on your pets at all times. With its extensive trails, abundant wildlife, and educational exhibits, the preserve provides a perfect blend of adventure and learning, making it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts, families, and anyone looking to experience the unique charm of Louisiana’s wetlands.

Gretna Historical Society Museum

Learn more about the history of Jefferson Parish upon visiting Gretna Historical Society Museum with our Jefferson Parish charter bus. The Gretna Museum Complex contains three Creole cottages, a working blacksmith shop, a fire museum, and an 1876 steam pumper. Dated back to the 19th century, the Gretna Green Blacksmith Shop commemorates all blacksmith shops that were active during the 1800s. Make sure to bring a couple of friends upon your visit as the Gretna Green Blacksmith Shop is a scheduled activity for group tours only. During the Spring Tour of Homes, with admission, locals and visitors may enjoy the demonstration of The Louisiana State Fire Museum housed in the David Crockett Fire Company No. 1’s 1859 firehouse. Where the museum proudly displays its “pride and joy,” an 1876 steam fire pumper that was pulled by men, offering a fascinating insight into firefighting history. The Louisiana State Fire Museum in Gretna is more than just a local museum, there are artifacts from around the States gathered here. Most importantly, this museum is the oldest and continuously active volunteer fire company in the United States.

Kenner’s Rivertown

Located in the heart of Kenner is a 16-block historic district, Kenner’s Rivertown is the next stop on our Jefferson Parish charter bus itinerary. This destination offers a delightful mix of cultural, educational, and recreational experiences. Nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River, the community at Kenner’s Rivertown offers a nostalgic slice of old-school Jefferson Parish and a relaxed atmosphere of family-friendly entertainment. Rivertown features beautifully preserved buildings that house a variety of museums, including the Kenner Planetarium and Space Science Complex, which captivates visitors with its engaging exhibits and mesmerizing shows. Stroll through the Heritage Park to see replicas of a traditional blacksmith shop, icehouse, and other historic structures, or enjoy the lush green spaces perfect for picnics and leisurely walks. With its vibrant community events, unique shops, and inviting restaurants, Rivertown provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere that highlights the heritage and vibrant spirit of Kenner. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Rivertown promises an enriching and enjoyable experience for all ages.

Treasure Chest Casino

Are you ready to dive into some thrilling gambling action? Get set for our next stop on the Jefferson Parish charter bus—a dazzling floating casino! This riverboat casino offers an exciting and vibrant entertainment experience set against the scenic backdrop of Lake Pontchartrain. Visitors can find a thrilling gaming environment that is nothing less than Las Vegas, featuring a wide array of slot machines and table games, ensuring there’s something for every kind of gambler. Beyond gaming, the Treasure Chest Casino boasts live music and entertainment, adding the lively atmosphere to make each visit memorable. Treasure Chest Casino provides on-site restaurants which serve a variety of dishes including seafood and Creole cuisine for guests to enjoy. With its combination of dynamic gaming, live entertainment, and exceptional dining, the Treasure Chest Casino is a premier destination for fun and excitement in Kenner.

Grand Isle State Park 

Get ready for our next stop on the Jefferson Parish charter bus, a must-visit haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The charming Grand Isle State Park, set on the picturesque barrier island of Grand Isle, Louisiana. Grand Isle State Park is renowned for its pristine beaches, where visitors can relax on the soft sands, swim in the Gulf of Mexico, and enjoy some of the best saltwater fishing in the region. The park’s scenic hiking trails offer breathtaking views of the coastal landscape as well as numerous opportunities for bird watching, particularly during the migratory season. Unique to Grand Isle State Park is its role as a prime spot for observing diverse marine and bird life, making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. With facilities for camping, including both tent and RV sites, visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty and tranquility of this coastal gem. The combination of recreational activities, stunning natural vistas, and rich biodiversity truly gives visitors a special and memorable time at Grand Isle State Park.

Acme Oyster House

The next destination on our Jefferson Parish charter bus is unique to Louisiana as there are only four locations and one of them happens to be in Jefferson Parish. With the motto “Life’s more fun with seafood,” Acme Oyster House in Metairie promises to serve visitors some of the freshest and most delicious oysters in the region. Established in 1910, Acme has built a legendary reputation as a quintessential dining destination renowned for its exceptional seafood, particularly its oysters. The lively, welcoming atmosphere and classic New Orleans charm make it a delight dining spot for locals, tourists, groups and individuals. From their signature chargrilled oysters to the traditional raw varieties, each dish is warmly prepared, ensuring a special culinary experience. The consistently fast service and good ambiance for every customer, combined with the rich, flavorful seafood, solidify Acme Oyster House as one of the best oyster establishments in Jefferson Parish as well as in Louisiana.

Oak Oven

Going to Oak Oven with our Jefferson Parish charter bus, visitors are greeted with the warmth of a family meal and the charm of a romantic ambiance. Oak Oven features an Italian-made wood burning oven, and the Neapolitan style pies that come from it are among the best in the city. Oak Oven’s menu is influenced by the Sicilian heritage of its founders. Their ancestors began arriving in New Orleans in the 1870’s and melded into the social fabric of the Crescent City. Oak Oven’s cooking celebrates this fusion of Sicilian, Italian, and New Orleans culture. Chef Adam Superneau’s mission and vision when he opened the restaurant was to bring the simple, rustic Italian cuisine to the ‘burbs. His mission and vision stands true till today as Oak Oven offers good meals at fair prices in a special ambiance to local folks. 

Jefferson Parish Charter Bus FAQ

What is the best way to get around in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana?

There are different modes of transportation in Jefferson Parish including a public bus system service (JeT), taxis, ridesharing services, and charter bus. The best way to get around in Jefferson Parish is via a Jefferson Parish charter bus. With our Jefferson Parish charter bus, visitors are guaranteed to arrive safely and on-time at their destinations. Get a quote for your group’s Jefferson Parish charter bus with Louisiana Motor Coach.

Is Jefferson Parish family friendly?

Yes, Jefferson Parish is considered to be family-friendly, offering a variety of amenities, activities, and services that cater to families. Jefferson Parish is known as a great place for families to settle in, the parish has numerous parks, libraries, and charter as well as magnet schools. Jefferson Parish is the prime location of being close enough to New Orleans for visitors to enjoy the city without the hustle and bustle. Visiting Jefferson Parish can give you a homey vibe throughout your stay, allowing you to relish the unique Southern Louisiana culture in comfort.

What are things to do in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana?

Explore various activities in Jefferson Parish with our Jefferson Parish charter bus bringing you to places. Jefferson Parish offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages such as historical parks and preservations, laser tag, historic districts, malls, live music venues, and casinos.

How much does it cost to get a Jefferson Parish charter bus?

The cost of renting a Jefferson Parish charter bus depends on several factors, including the type of bus, the duration of the trip, the distance traveled, and any additional services requested. It’s best to request a quote tailored to your specific needs with Louisiana Motor Coach