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Jefferson Parish Charter Bus

Welcome to Jefferson Parish, the charming next door neighbor to New Orleans. Nestled just west of New Orleans, Jefferson Parish is celebrated for its beautiful parks, bustling shopping districts, and an impressive array of dining options that reflect the area’s culinary heritage. For those planning a family trip to Louisiana and seeking an authentic southern […]

Louisiana Charter Bus: Things to do Across the State

Nowhere else in the nation will feed your soul like Louisiana does, and the Pelican State is the perfect destination to satisfy your curiosity about the south. Join us on our Louisiana charter bus through New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Shreveport, and Monroe to explore the southern spirit of friendly locals, soul food, and lively […]

Slidell Charter Bus: A Guide to Slidell

Located in southeastern Louisiana and nestled along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain is a town of vibrant culture. Slidell is renowned for its unique blend of Southern charm, rich history and modern amenities. The city offers many attractions for tourists to explore the history of Slidell, both as a city of its own and as […]

Mandeville Charter Bus Guide

Mandeville, Louisiana, home to our lovely Cajuns in the suburbs, with a population of 11,560 and a gorgeous view of the north side of Lake Pontchartrain, it’s not the biggest hot spot for New Orleans tourists, but it should not be forgotten. This historic city starts with its name, Mandeville, meaning “big farm” in Medieval […]

Spice Up Your Life: A Louisiana Food Tour

Welcome to the list that will have you saying if it’s not Cajun, we don’t want it. We’re taking you around the swamp, aka Louisiana. If you know anything about the Bayou state, it should be that food and flavor are a way for us to call you our neighbor, which is why we’re taking […]