Covington Charter Bus: A Guide for Covington, Louisiana

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Most people assume the elite of New Orleans would “live” in New Orleans; however, when it comes to settling down, the city can be a bit much. So where do people go to have the New Orleans feel without the chaos of the Big Easy? Covington, of course! With a population of 10,500, this town is growing, but is it any fun? Darn skippity it is. So, get in; we’re taking you and your travel group on a Covington charter bus trip to the fancy side of town.

Covington Charter Bus Stops

Stop #1: Breakfast: Mattina Bella Restaurant

Starting the morning with the charm of an old-school diner, we hope you have an appetite. Mattina Bella Restaurant translates into “beautiful morning,” and when your Covington charter bus gets there, you are certain to have one. This spot is heavily known to the locals as a neighborhood gem. Mattina Bella isn’t just known as a popular dining spot; it’s known for its hospitality and service. The restaurant is family-owned and operated, and that love is embedded into every ingredient. What kinds of things can you find on the menu? The menu serves up a variety of waffles, omelets, and pancakes that are to die for. Make sure to try the classic steak and eggs, or if low-carb is your thing, be sure to try their “low-carb” menu item. This is the kind of first stop that will have you seize the day.

Covington Charter Bus Stop #2: The Bogue Falaya Wayside Park

Not to be confused with “boujie,” which, let’s face it, like the Olive Garden’s quote goes “When you’re here, you’re…” boujie?”. You get what we mean. The Bogue Falaya Wayside Park is the perfect spot for you and your Covington charter bus crew to get some fresh air. This park covers 13 acres and holds the Bogue Falaya River. Not only that but this park holds a lot of history, having been open since 1903 and is registered under the National Registry of Historic Places. As far as activities are concerned, while there, you can go kayaking, canoeing, or just sightseeing. If you and your Covington charter bus crew are interested in having a picnic, there is a pavilion with benches and tons of shade. Stop on over there and enjoy the greenery and be one with some suburban birds.

Charter Bus Stop #3: Covington Trailhead

Home to the Wednesday farmers market, Covington Trailhead has more than trails. The aesthetic is the perfect place for an old-school railroad photo op and even a bit of Insta shots. Here you can find pleasant waterfalls to lend an ear to, a movie theater, and even an exhibit hall. If all of this doesn’t catch your attention, there’s a clock tower and a bandstand for occasional shows. To say this spot is Louisiana scenic is an understatement; it’s the kind of place you and your Covington charter bus crew have to see to understand for yourself.

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Covington Charter Bus Stop #4: The Icons Museum

We’ve talked about how the elite love the area of Covington, but what about icons? We don’t know that many live in the vicinity; however, there is a museum dedicated to them. So, what exactly does the icon museum hold? Icons in glass boxes to gawk at? Why no, that would be weird. This museum was created by one artist, Matthew Montero, and led by a team of directors as the world’s first and only artist-created museum. This non-profit museum is serving up world-class art and an experience. Ok, so what is the experience? You tour the gallery of many paintings with Montero himself. Not only that, but he painted these icons with his bare hands! You and your Covington charter bus crew will be immersed in the mind of a creator as you study the penmanship of his craft. The experience is truly unique and can only be found in none other than Covington, LA.

Covington Charter Bus Lunch Stop: Bear’s Restaurant

If you’re a Hulu fan, you might wonder… is there a tortured chef named Carmen who works there with people constantly yelling “yes, chef” at them? Unfortunately, no. But since we’re in Covington, it’s probably an upscale dining venue. Not exactly. Then why are we here, you may ask? Something you should know is that if a Louisiana restaurant has a “bare” fluorescent-lit decor and a 4.8 rating, the food probably slaps. And Bear’s Restaurant is slap-ya-mama good (this is a popular New Orleans spice, please don’t slap your mama). Bear’s has been open since the ’90s, and they’ve been serving up roast beef po’boys so good they don’t even need a website. What makes their roast beef so good? It’s in the sauce baby, which dates back to a recipe from the 1950s that the owner of Josh Watson’s grandparents’ created at their restaurant named, check this out: The White House. What else do they serve? Well, po’boys mostly, but not just roast beef, many varieties of meats are found here, and even some sweets for you sweeties out there. Go on and enjoy this hidden spot; you’ll thank us later.

Getting Around Covington: Covington Charter Bus

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