St. Francisville Charter Bus: The Small Town with a Big Personality

antiques on a shelf at an antique shop

Saint Francisville is the kind of quaint town that’s full of southern charm and historic value. The town sits comfortably on a ridge which gave it the nickname “the town two miles long and two yards wide”. Originally, this territory belonged to Spanish West Florida in the 1800s. Today, Saint Francisville is ranked one of the top school systems in Louisiana and has a population of around 1,579. A town like this has much to offer but when it comes to niches we’ve found Saint Francisville’s.

Saint Francisville Charter Bus Stops: Unique Things to Do In Saint Francisville

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St. Francisville Charter Bus Stop #1: Go Antique Shopping

West Feliciana Antique Mall

Starting with the West Feliciana Antique Mall where you could spend hours searching through historic treasures within the 4500 ft space. The West Feliciana Antique Mall is home to around 30 vendors. Here you can find anything from vinyls to books. Customers who have visited this hidden gem boast about its reasonable prices and well-organized environment. Whether it’s furniture, jewelry, or collectibles there’s a little treasure in store for everyone there, making it a perfect stop for your Saint Francisville charter bus crew.

antiques on a shelf at an antique store

District Mercantile

This old chap has been around since the 1890s and the cute barn house appearance alone would make anyone want to hop on in for a visit. Not only can you find antiques here but the shop throws events occasionally and even has its classic company truck that people around town see chugging along. What’s more, their store mascot, Squatch, can be seen every now and then stirring up some fun trouble. This shop is perfect for when you and your Saint Francisville charter bus crew want a nice combination of both old and new antiques to choose from.

Saint Francisville Charter Bus Pit Stop #2: When It’s Time To Dine

Birdman Coffee House

Unlike many things in Louisiana, this place doesn’t have anything to do with Lil Wayne, or what rapper he mentored. It does, however, have to do with good coffee, even better breakfast, and a lesser-known birdman of the artist variety. As the story goes, Lexi, the now owner of Birdman Coffee had a great-grandfather who would carve beautiful handcrafted birds and then finish them up with a realistic paint job. During this time Lyn, Lexi’s great aunt was in search of places to house artists around Saint Francisville, and with those two things coming to a beautiful collision, the Birdman Coffee House was created. Aside from the adorable story, the food is also delicious and the menu has items like Belgian waffles, herb cheese, and toast along with salmon and pizza toast. The interior is just as cute as its homage story. Have your Saint Francisville charter bus stop here and see for yourself.

flat lay with roasted coffee beans
flat lay with roasted coffee beans, coffee brewer and metal scoop

Cafe Petra

For lunch, we’re going Greek and Lebanese. Cafe Petra prides itself on treating customers like family and making fresh and delicious foods with unique ingredients. Go in to enjoy chicken shawarma or the fried cheese plate. Bite into the delicate crunch of their homemade falafel and when you’re craving something sweet go for the ever-so-popular baklava or homemade ashta. Be sure to check out their website for special events coming up, if that helps you decide on when you and your group want to book that St. Francisville charter bus.

Have Your St. Francisville Charter Bus Stop & Explore the Great Outdoors with these Nature Stops

St Francisville Charter Bus Stop #3: Audubon State Historic Park

This park has it all. Starting with historic sites like the Oakley House, which was the temporary home of John James Audubon in the early 1800s and what the park is named after. You can also enjoy the nature trails and hiking surrounding the area. The park is more popular for bird watching and is where John James is said to have drawn his most famous birds. The site spans around 100 acres and involves a plantation home, kitchen, barn, gardens, and slave quarters. Enjoy the outdoors with a touch of history.

St. Francisville Charter Bus Stop #4: Tunica Hills WMA

We know what you’re thinking: Louisiana is flat, but there are some hills. Case-in-point, Tunica Hills, which is 5906 acres of land. The area is perfectly suited for activities like hunting, trapping, birdwatching, camping, hiking, horseback riding, and biking. Tunica Hills are referred to as rugged and often a hiking enthusiast’s dream when looking to get a workout in. The lush area also has some hidden waterfalls and plenty of wildlife to admire.

St. Francisville Charter Bus Stop #5: Cat Island National Refuge

An island full of cats? Unfortunately, no, the island was named due to the French explorers in 1699 finding the raccoons there to be catlike, originally given the name Ile Aux Chats. Although it sadly isn’t an adorable island of cats, on Cat Island National Refuge, you can find elements like ridges and swales, cypress-tupelo swamps, meandering drains, and backwater sloughs. The area covers 9,623 acres of land which is the perfect amount of space for you and your Saint Francisville charter bus crew to roam free in.

gold rings lie on an antique jewelry box
Gold wedding rings lie on an antique jewelry box. Wedding rings for ceremonies.

Chartering A Bus for Saint Francisville

Congratulations! You and your Saint Francisville charter bus crew are on your way to entering a great modern-day exploration of Saint Francisville. Need a ride? We have the reliable and luxurious transportation you’ve been looking for. You can request a quote here.