Spice Up Your Life: A Louisiana Food Tour

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Welcome to the list that will have you saying if it’s not Cajun, we don’t want it. We’re taking you around the swamp, aka Louisiana. If you know anything about the Bayou state, it should be that food and flavor are a way for us to call you our neighbor, which is why we’re taking you on the tour of the century, a food fantastico if you will. We’re hoping you and the crew are hungry because we’re taking you on a food tour!

Food Tour Charter Bus Stops

Yo Nashi

Here in Louisiana, we don’t just love our Cajun flavors; we’ll eat anything worth our taste buds, and at Yo Nashi, they’ve got the juice… Or omakase that is. If you’re unfamiliar with the word, its meaning can be summed up as “dishes selected from the chef.” Can we get an amen from all my ADHD folks in the back? Sometimes when it comes to choices, we get tired of making them, and what is better than receiving a decadent dish you didn’t even have to use brain cells to choose? How does it work? Yo Nashi will start you off with two appetizers that, although, vary in flavor will remain a work of art. The next round will consist of proteins cooked to perfection and last, you can expect a velvety dessert that would make any visitor melt into their chair. At Yo Nashi, you and your Louisiana charter bus won’t ever consider choosing menu items again, until they’re hungry that is.


You know the food is authentic when you’re on a first-name basis with the restaurant’s name. Darrell’s is a casual dining experience that has been feeding people’s appetites since 1985. Initially, this home of flavor was serving up a different style of nutrients, the liquid variety; we’re talking bar-style service and a bar that became so popular they turned it into a restaurant. What is Darrell’s known for? Po’ boys and they’re good. Their secret to po’ boy success that has brought customers in for decades is quite literally in the sauce. Darrell’s has their homemade gravy, BBQ sauce, and even jalapeño mayonnaise. If you and your Louisiana food tour group are looking for the sandwich of a lifetime, you’ve got to try a po’ boy, don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.


This one’s for all you baseball lovers out there. What is it about hot dogs at a baseball game that makes them taste so darn good? We all know no one’s putting in the zing when it comes to the food at a sporting event and considering most ball game prices you deserve better. Bruiser’s is Covington’s only gourmet hot dog spot and simultaneously a known watering hole for the cubs. Their menu serves unique hot dog flavors like their “Dirty Dell,” which is a fried hot dog with tomato, pepper, onion, chili, Chicago relish, 21-day kraut, and celery salt. If you’re worried about still having an appetite after trying one of their mouth-watering dogs, don’t be. Bruiser’s has plenty of tasty sides, like tater tots, nachos, and boudin balls. Just when you think this place can’t get any better you see that their menu also has non-hot dog options like fish and chips and Chicago Italian Beef. When you’re done with your meal, be sure to wash all that savory down with a little something sweet. Try one of Bruiser’s cookies or cheesecakes. This spot is eclectic, scrumptious, and worth it.

Soileau’s Dinner Club

If there’s one club you want to be a part of, it’s Soileau’s. Although not an actual club, the number of people who congregate weekly to grab a bite of their favorite Opelousas food might as well be. Known as Acadiana’s Finest, the Soileau’s Dinner Club has been giving the people what they want for 80 years. Customers to this day continue to rave about Soileau’s fresh food and hand-cut, homemade stuffings. What does this place specialize in? A lot, you’ve got char-broiled Angus beef, Gulf seafood, and MANY other Cajun specialties. Head over to the spot that’s so delicious, you won’t believe how affordable it is.

Lea’s Lunchroom

If the name sounds adorable, it’s because it is, and the story of Lea’s lunchroom is too. In 1928, Lea Johnson brought this spot to life, taking over LeCompte, Louisiana, as hard and fast as the roaring 20s themselves. You’re probably thinking the place must have been a spectacle with so much recognition. The truth was the original diner was fairly simple, serving items like ham sandwiches and one special of the day. The place was so nonchalant that former restaurant-goers reminisced to a time when Lea said a menu was unnecessary and if the food wasn’t good people just wouldn’t come. As proof the food was, in fact, good the restaurant still stands and is going strong. Today Lea’s lunchroom is known for their pies mainly and when it comes to them, Lea’s has every flavor in the pie rainbow. If you and the crew are looking for something a little more hearty before getting into one of their many pies not to worry, Lea’s still serves up menu items like ham and cheese or their baked ham stuffed cabbage roll. Experience a place that will, with each bite, make anywhere feel like home.

Louisiana Food Tour Charter Bus: Getting Around

Now that you have the perfect itinerary for Louisiana cuisine, do you still have travel things leaving you with something to stress about? Don’t use all your vacation energy and let Louisiana Motor Coach figure it out. Not only will we get you comfortably from A to B, but we’ll make it easy. So, kick back, savor the flavors, and leave the travel details to us for a truly carefree experience. You can request a quote here.