Mandeville Charter Bus Guide

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Mandeville, Louisiana, home to our lovely Cajuns in the suburbs, with a population of 11,560 and a gorgeous view of the north side of Lake Pontchartrain, it’s not the biggest hot spot for New Orleans tourists, but it should not be forgotten. This historic city starts with its name, Mandeville, meaning “big farm” in Medieval Norman French. The city was founded in 1834 by Bernard Xavier de Marigny de Mandeville. For those of you locals, you might recognize some of these names. If you are headed up to Mandeville on one of our Mandeville charter buses and are worried that Louisiana suburbia might not have all that much to offer, fear not, because we are here to help you navigate this quaint city with all the activities you need for a fun filled adventure.

Mandeville Charter Bus Stops

Mandeville Charter Bus Stop #1: 30 By Ninety Theatre

The first stop after getting on one of our Mandeville charter buses is the 30 by Ninety Theatre. With a mission to create a theatre destination for the North Shore that also provides artistic, cultural, and educational opportunities to the community, the 30 by Ninety Theater is a great way to bond with your Mandeville charter bus crew over the show of a lifetime. With a variety of rotating shows, the 30 by Ninety Theatre has a ton of different options for shows to see, but just to give you an idea, the theatre has showcase performances like “Rocky Horror Show” and a “Very Merry Christmas Spectacular.” If you’re not interested in the classics, they have options like “The Great American Trailer Park Musical” and regular comedy nights. If you and your Mandeville charter bus group end up loving the show and are locals, consider getting their membership. The 30 by Ninety theatre knows how to put on a show, and they’ve got the performances to prove it.

Mandeville Charter Bus Stop #2: Northlake Nature Center

The second stop on your Mandeville charter bus tour is the Northlake Nature Center which has been around since 1985 when they acquired the lease for 52 acres of land along Bayou Castine. The center is incredibly biodiverse, being home to three different ecosystems: hardwood forest, pine-hardwood forest, and pond-swamp, which means a lot of variety when it comes to wildlife and plants. At Northlake Nature Center you can expect to see raised boardwalks and outdoor classrooms as they try to incorporate learning into every facet of the institute. While you’re here you can explore the 700-year-old Acolapissa Native American population and the ruins of a clubhouse. What can you and your Mandeville charter bus group do here? Enjoy nature, of course, but also take the group under the pavilion for picnics and enjoy group activities like hiking or bird watching—at Northlake Nature Center you are in charge of your nature-filled educational experience.

Stop #3: Seven Sisters Live Oak

Stop three on the Mandeville charter bus tour is the Seven Sisters Live Oak tree. So, why bring you and your Mandeville charter bus crew to a tree? What makes this tree so special? This mighty oak tree was originally registered in the Live Oak Society as “Doby’s Seven Sisters,” named after the Doby family who owned the property with Doby being one of the seven sisters. Eventually, the tree was re-registered at the Live Oak Society as member number 697. The uniqueness of the tree resides in its size which begged the question of whether this was one oak or multiple, and to everyone’s surprise, a professional forester determined the tree developed from a single root system. As far as its age, it is estimated to be between 600 and 1,500 years. So, now that we have a bit of history, we know you’re probably wondering, just how big is this celebrated tree? Just in girth, the tree measures 39.6 feet and the total height is 57 feet—if you can imagine, that’s quite a large tree. Head on over and admire this magnificent tree and make sure to take a photo with your Mandeville charter bus group.

#4: Jean Baptiste Lang Creole House Museum

The fourth stop on your Mandeville charter bus tour begins with the story of a Belgian tobacco merchant named Jean Baptiste Lang who completed this striking structure in 1852. As many wealthy men have done before, Jean built this house as a summer home and escape for the wealthy. This gorgeous home had features like faux bois oak finish, mortise and tenon construction, tongue and groove floors, and even a Creole mantle. After being passed around through various owners and storms, The Old Mandeville Historic Association decided to take on the home and rebuild it to its original form. Today, the home is a museum and multi-functional community space. Go to the Jean Baptiste Lang Creole House Museum and explore the grounds and the building and catch a firsthand glimpse of how the wealthy lived back in the day.

Mandeville Charter Bus Stop #5: Paintball Command

The last stop on your Mandeville charter bus tour is Paintball Command! Have you considered taking all your frustration out on any of your buddies? If so, this is the place for you! Of course, we mean this in a very light-hearted fun-filled environment where “taking out your frustration” is just a good sported game of paintball. If you dabbled in water guns as a kid, you might be familiar with its more colorful cousin, the paintball. And we bet you’ve guessed it; we’re taking you to a paintball venue. At Paintball Command, you can expect all the bells and whistles you would need to supply an amazing paintball experience. This place has 40 acres to sprawl out in and four playing fields with added realistic elements like two-storied bunkers, bridges, a castle for all you white knights out there, and even a place they call the “slaughterhouse.” This spot has games for all kinds of players and ages. Get competitive and end your day with a colorful surprise.

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Mandeville Charter Bus: Getting Around Mandeville

We know the stress of trying to get everyone to arrive on time at the same place, or how frustrating Google Maps can be in an unfamiliar area. That’s why when it comes to group travel, we recommend renting one of our Mandeville Charter Buses. The group that rides together stays together, and on time for that matter. You can request a quote here.