Corporate Eats In Lake Charles: Impress Your Taste Buds

exterior of golden nugget casino at night

You and your corporate group have decided on Lake Charles, the land of festivals, casinos, and Cajun food, for your retreat. If you’ve traveled with big groups before, you might be all too familiar with many restaurants that are not too fond of large groups and with some not even allowing for larger parties. We want to spare you the energy of looking for big group-friendly restaurants with this list of restaurants that bring big happiness to big groups.

Best Restaurants for Corporate Groups in Lake Charles

The Lake Charles Shrimp Lady

Steamboat Bills On The Lake

This restaurant is the kind of place that will have you and your crew licking their plates! The food is of course delicious but their history brings this restaurant to a head. It all started in 1982 when Kathi Bonamici Vidrine moved to the coastal area of Lake Charles without any friends or family already residing in the area. Kathi was determined to make her roots. With a strong desire for success, Kathi got into the shrimp industry in Leesville, where she began selling her shrimp on the side of the road. It wasn’t long before her love and grit deemed her the town’s “shrimp lady”. Eventually, her businesses became so big she had to gain the help of her brother. Together, they obtained a shrimp dock and purchasing plant in Hackberry. The future looked bright without a cloud in the sky, but then good old Napoleonic Law hovered like a dark cloud and even took her to the Supreme Court. Kathi kicked that glass ceiling in and came out victorious. Eventually, Kathi partnered with a man named Vidrine and together they created Steamboat Bills, which was an instant success. Today their restaurant has plenty of seating for large groups and serves delicious Cajun seafood.

Amazing Views In Lake Charles For Your Group

Chart House

If you’re in Lake Charles with your crew, you bet your bottom dollar you’re going to hit up that casino, and when you do, you’re going to want to eat, but not just at any kind of shanty, you wanna go big and you’ll want to share that with the group. We’re talking brick oven chicken big, filet mignon big, crunchy coconut shrimp, and wagyu burger style big. Is your mouth watering yet? If not, be sure to check out their collection of fresh fish. The Chart House has a bit of history too! The concept for this restaurant was built way back in 1961 by Hawaiian surfer Joey Cabell and US Navy man Buzzy Bent. Their original locations were quite modest with just a few tables turned, the aesthetic has changed over the years but two pillars remain in all of their locations, amazing views and even better food. You know what they say, seeing is believing, take a look for yourself.

Lake Charles Cajun Eats

Pats of Henderson

This gem has been around for 50 years and is still kicking! If you’re into Cajun, this Lake Charles spot is perfect for your corporate group! This spot has the best deal, amazing service, and gorgeous surroundings. What will you get while dining there? Have you ever tried a delectable spicy boudin ball? If your answer is yes, then we’re positive you have never had any like these before, the outside crunch and inside tender meaty flavor mixed with ricey goodness will have you ordering seconds. Maybe you’re not feeling the meat vibe, there’s good news, their fish is just as good, if not better. Pats have a little something for everyone and ensure you won’t leave hungry.

Elegant Dining In Lake Charles

Mazen’s Lake Charles

Just like Fall Out Boy once said, when you go to this restaurant, you’ll leave singing “thanks for the memories” because that’s what this place is all about. The Lake Charles exudes elegance and the service ensures it. The Mazen’s is perfect for big groups and is also suited for meetings, heck, have a meeting then a group meal. No meeting? No problem, the experience is just as memorable. Elevate your corporate dinner with some wine pairings as well. Ok, but what’s the food style like? It’s decadent, it’s flavorful, it’s what a fine dining experience should be, an experience.

Asian Fusion In Lake Charles

Lillie’s Asian Cuisine

When in Louisiana you may not think of Asian cuisine, but there are many reasons that you should, starting with Lillie’s Asian Cuisine in Lake Charles. Lilie’s a clean fusion of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. We know what you’re thinking, most people try to avoid multi-themed restaurants like pizza and tacos or Italian Mexican, but we promise this place isn’t one of those floppers. Asian Fusion restaurants are almost always a hit. Go hungry for fresh sushi and when that’s not enough, order some noodles. Whether it’s wonton or udon, they’ve got a noodle for you, and it will be exquisite.

Grilling In Lake Charles

BBQ West

This place will have you saying, “What’s cooking?”  BBQ West will bring you right to the west and is built off of hard work and perseverance; when they first opened they were left with only 110 dollars to their name. Thankfully, their BBQ was so good that they were an instant hit and made more than enough to continue to stay open and even flourish. What can you expect at this BBQ joint? Of course, they have brisket, pulled pork, and turkey legs, but their peach cobbler is to die for, it will have you saying “literally dead”.

Getting Around Lake Charles As A Group

Whether you’re hitting up Lake Charles for family, friends, or business, you and your group are going to want to eat! These spots are certain to accommodate your crew both in satisfying your hunger and your large party.

But how will you and your troop get around?

Need not worry about your famished soul. We make it easy, get your headcount, and book your charter bus. From there on it’s a doozy, enjoy the ride, and the food!