Monroe Charter Bus: When Visiting in Monroe, You’re Good To Go

Located along the Ouachita River Monroe, Louisiana is the main distribution space for farmers in the area. This place is more than just a spot for farmers though, it was home to the very first Coca-Cola bottling plant and has several unique activities for you and your Monroe travel group. So rent a Monroe charter bus and explore everything Monroe has to offer.

Unique Stops for Your Monroe Charter Bus

Altitude Monroe

Hey, we know the altitude in Monroe, Louisiana is considered fairly low coming in at just 72 feet but how would you and the group like to get a little higher? At Altitude Monroe, everything is elevated, and we mean literally elevated. Ever wanted to do a soaring slam dunk like a professional? The Basketball Trampoline Dunk is the perfect game to play out your Micheal Jordan fantasy for a few hours. If you enjoy dodgeball, envision your regular game… but EXTREME, that’s right bouncing on a trampoline plus dodgeball equals a whole lotta fun. Having a rough day and just want to plow yourself into a giant foam pit? Do that and so much more. Lastly, there’s a main court to enjoy where you and your Monroe travel group can bounce around wall-to-wall fun. Get out there and expend some energy. Make sure that this is one of your Monroe charter bus stops.

Warehouse No.1

Eventually, your crew’s got to eat, which is why we’ve brought you to Warehouse No. 1. This restaurant overlooks the Ouachita River and was originally used to store heavy bales of cotton until the railroad era when it became a warehouse for wholesale groceries and hardware. The venue sits as a restaurant now that has a deep wooden southern decor and serves delicious Cajun food like catfish, center-cut pork chop, and shrimp and grits. We know what you’re wondering, does this place do dessert? Do they ever? Whether it is fudge brownies, bread pudding, or New Orleans beignet you’re bound to end your meal with a delicious send-off. This is the perfect food Monroe charter bus stop for your group.

a plate for shrimp and grits

Biedenharn Museum

Everyone loves a museum but what about one with a garden and an added bible museum? As you would expect the reason why we mention it is because the Biedenharn Museum has it all! Take a stroll around the gardens and get a waft of flowery goodness. We’re hoping you’re a bunch of Coca-Cola fans because this museum takes you through the ins and outs of what makes those tasty original Coca-Cola bottles. This museum has it all, make sure to check out their website for events. Why not have your Monroe charter bus stop here?

Explore Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge

We could all use a little bit of mother nature in our lives and there’s truly nothing more magical than 5300 acres of land. What can you find in this wondrous foliage? Here you can find the all-American alligator, an anhinga, great blue herons, and even some Cooper hawks. The list goes on and on. Popular activities in the area are bird watching, of course, hiking and canoeing. The National Wildlife Refuge revolves around its true beauty. The Black Bayou Lake which has 66.6 miles of freshwater. This refuge truly is the escape you and your Monroe travel group need, so make sure that your Monroe charter bus makes a stop there.

snow geese

Visit the Grave of a Married Man

With a name so mundane, you know we’re about to bring up a cup of two- hundred-year-old tea. This is the story of a semi-romantic genre involving Sidney Saunders and Annie, his wife? We’ll get to that. Sidney was known around town as a wealthy man. Sidney was also rumored to have gotten his dough from some unsavory places. The story of this tragic romance begins as such, Sidney left on business only to come back with a new wife, Annie E. Livingston, or so they told the townspeople. The problem was, as some towns of nosey gossipers thrived on the ongoing tales, there was speculation that they were not married, and Annie was a part of one of Sidney’s alleged brothels. If the social ostracization was not enough the couple lost their son when he turned twelve. The final straw was when one of Sidney’s properties burned down. Not only did the town not have any empathy for Sidney, they accused him of doing it for insurance money. Eventually, Sidney was found dead and Annie was left with the angry townspeople and nothing else but a point to prove. Annie was given a good bit of money from her befallen husband. What did she do with said money? What does all of this have to do with places to go? Well, Annie got petty. She spent the majority of her money on a tombstone of Sidney with a statue of him towering over all the other tombs holding their marriage certificate. What’s more, Annie had Sidney’s stare facing into the heart of Monroe so the town could never forget it. This tombstone is truly worth a stop for your Monroe charter bus

tri colored heron

Monroe Charter Bus: Getting Around

Now that you and your group have the perfect itinerary for enjoying Monroe make sure to make arrangements for the perfect transit. At Louisiana Motor Coach we provide luxurious and convenient transportation to make sure your trip is as smooth as possible. Request a quote for your Monroe charter bus today.