Vacations Breezy In The Big Easy: A NOLA Guide

A corner building with wrap around balconies in New Orleans, Louisiana

When you’re planning a trip to New Orleans with your family, it can be daunting.

In a city with so much to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start, let alone how to find things to do with a group of all ages in a city known for its parties.

Don’t worry about figuring out what to do, we figured it out so you don’t have to.

There is something for everyone to enjoy in New Orleans.

Six Family-Friendly New Orleans Activities:

New Orleans Food Tour: Sidewalk Food Tour

On the long list of the wonderful things that New Orleans is known for, one of their specialties is food, especially of Creole and Cajun descent.

It may be hard to find all the hidden spots that locals go to, that’s where this New Orleans food tour comes in handy.

Sidewalk Food Tour takes you on a culinary journey through the French Quarter and Lower Garden District.

Aside from being able to try all the delicious foods while enjoying the big easy scenery, you will have a handy guide that can educate and answer questions on the history and culture of the food and all things Nola.

You can book a private tour or join other tour groups and make friends, either way, you will be well-fed!

One Of Many New Orleans Ghost Tours

Like many other classic cities people come and go but the ghosts remain.

New Orleans has a bit of a checkered past and a lot of stories that come with that. Not to worry, this tour is still kid friendly.

At French Quarter Phantoms, they’re not just tour guides but they have stats to back the facts up, meaning all the tour guides have a degree in history, theatre, anthropology, music, education, or literature.

If that isn’t enough, all tours are based on historical documentation, if you’re not a believer yet, you will be.

This tour isn’t just about the spookies, there will be plenty of laughs along the way too.

This New Orleans tour company has been around since 2006 and it’s only getting better. 

Gather up your family and share the experience!

Street Performers & Shopping on Royal Street

One of the more unique things to do is to just roam around Royal Street in the French Quarter. It’s not only entertaining, but it’s also free.

Along the way, you can find buskers that do anything from magic shows to selling art. Live street music in New Orleans is like no other place in this country, talented musicians from across the US gather in the area to show what they’ve got. Make sure to show your appreciation with a tip!

The shops along Royal Street are also special. There are also many art galleries, clothing boutiques, and soap shops to stop in or peek your head into as you wander.

If you make your way to Jackson Square, you might be able to catch the infamous singer and his money dog: put a dollar bill in your hand and the tiny chihuahua will come to collect it to give to his owner.

New Orleans Childrens Museum

Visit the children’s museum and bring a little magic into your life.

Even upon your entrance, you are greeted with clouds at the Labyrinth and Lagoon Footbridge. This is a museum titled for children but it’s a fun place for adults too. 

The museum offers free community spaces where they have puppetry, storytelling, and poetry readings. 

On the second floor, you and your family can enjoy music, bubbles, or even build things together!

If you have any children under 4 with you, be sure to check out the first floor for the sensory lagoon, the felt wall, and the Discovery Zone.

There’s also a cypress tree book nook, a climbing space, and endless activities for your active little ones.

The museum has different floors dedicated to different age groups and all activities are made for learning.

Go to the New Orleans Children’s Museum and feed the child within you ( or just the actual child that’s with you)!

Natchez Steamboat

This ride has a long history tied to it, which makes it all the more exciting to be on.

Natchez is the ninth steamboat with the name tied to it, Natchez VI was the steamboat prior and raced the famous Robert. E . Lee boat and you guessed it, the Natchez won that race, and even to this day is a proud title holder.

This steamboat was made to resemble The Virginia and The Hudson.

The Natchez’s steam engines were built for the US steel corporation Sternwheeler Clariton back in 1925.

Today, the cruise has a two-hour jazz tour that is as smooth as its tunes.

Enjoy an easy breezy joy ride or check out the steamboat races and transport yourself back in time!

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

New Orleans has a Creole and Cajun background with a culture that has roots in Voodoo. Although this may sound quite spooky and off putting at first glance, the actual origin and modern use of it are quite interesting.

This museum has a few options.

You and your family can take a walking tour where a guide takes you through the city and the history of Voodoo.

You could also do a museum walk-through to explore the inner workings of Voodoo in the museum that’s been around since 1972.

If you’re feeling the Voodoo vibe feel free to check out the psychic reading or ritual consultant.

Get your Voodoo on and head on over!

So you’ve got your itinerary but with all the stops you’re going to want to get around in leisure. No problem, with a New Orleans charter bus you can’t beat the hassle of transportation in the city, be sure to book one for your trip. Request a quote for your New Orleans charter bus today.

Gather your crew and prepare for the best experience the bayou has to offer.